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These blogs on the Hebrew alphabet are to be read in conjunction with the bite-sized teachings available via video on this website.

The third letter of the Hebrew alphabet is the letter gimmel.

The ancient Hebrew pictograph for gimmel is a camel. This was believed to represent being lifted up.

It is possible that the word gimmel came from gamal which is where we get our English word for camel from.

The classical or modern Hebrew letter consists of a vav and a yod and looks a bit like a man walking. As the Hebrew alphabet is read from right to left, gimmel looks as though it is walking towards the letter following it, which is dalet. You will have more understanding of the reason for that once you have listened to the teaching on dalet or read the blog post. Below, on the left, is an example of manual print and, on the right, an example of book print.

Phonetically speaking, gimmel is pronounced “g” as in “girl”. It became gamma in Greek and both our letters “c” and “g” are said to stem from gimmel.

Numerically, gimmel is associated with the number 3.which represents the Trinity and vav plus yod add up to 16 which means to be in perfect unity, which describes the Trinity perfectly.

Gimmel is associated with the Holy Spirit and we therefore have a beautiful story within the first three letters of the Hebrew alphabet where Aleph represents Father God and Bet represents the Son and Gimmel is seen to be the Holy Spirit proceeding forth from the Father and the Son.