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These blogs on the Hebrew alphabet are to be read in conjunction with the bite-sized teachings available via video on this website.

The fourth letter of the Hebrew alphabet is dalet.

The ancient Hebrew pictograph for dalet is a hanging tent door and is believed to represent a door.

The classical or modern Hebrew letter consists of two lines and a corner point or overhang which is believed to symbolise a needy person bent over with their ear listening out for the approaching gimmel (Holy Spirit) coming to assist them. Below, on the left, is the manual print and, on the right, the book print.

Phonetically speaking, dalet is pronounced “d” as in door and it became the Greek letter delta and then our “d”.

Numerically, dalet is associated with the number 4. Four speaks of completeness and open doors.

Jesus was from the tribe of Judah and the Hebrew name for Judah contains every letter of the Sacred Name except for dalet which is said to suggest that the door to the Lord would come via Judah – and it did indeed.

Also, the Hebrew word for religion is dot (or dat) which means the door of the cross is you spell it out using ancient pictographs.

Thus the Father (aleph) sent His Son (bet) by means of the Holy Spirit (gimmel) to appeal to the poor and needy (dalet) to receive Him.