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For years I have been prophesying, calling for and actively encouraging the “arising” and raising up of a spiritual army of women around the globe based on Psalm 68:11. Over the last month God has been speaking to me of this season of transition from arising to activation. He has spoken of a new era and stepping into an Isaiah 54 season.

This week I heard the Spirit of the Lord say that there will be a Rise of Isaiah 54 Women at this time. This company of Isaiah 54 women will carry the following twelve characteristics:-

  • Women who will SING, SHOUT AND ROAR over their situations and circumstances; their families. communities, regions and nations, bringing REVIVAL, REFORMATION and TRANSFORMATION.
  • Women who are stepping into places of ENLARGEMENT and EXPANSION; ELEVATION and ACCELERATION.
  • Women who will OCCUPY without fear and who EMPOWER, ENCOURAGE, INSPIRE and ACTIVATE others to occupy without fear.
  • Women who will not be stepped on, pushed down or kept quiet. Who are not ashamed of their past, or who they used to be, but have left the old behind and STEPPED willingly into the NEW.
  • Women who are SURRENDERED, laid down lovers of Jesus. Who have counted the cost and know that there is nothing, absolutely nothing, more important than their God.
  • Women who have walked a road of HEALING and RESTORATION and are EMPATHETIC and COMPASSIONATE with those still on that road.
  • Women who stand STEADFAST, firm and sure-footed in the love and kindness of their God and are wholly and completely COVENANTED to Him.
  • Women who God will position, like jewels, in places and spaces of INFLUENCE and AFFLUENCE for HIS glory.
  • Women who are end-time messengers and disciplers of NATIONS.
  • WARRIOR WOMEN who do not fear and receive strategies and blueprints straight from the Throne Room of Heaven.
  • Women against whom NO weapon formed shall prosper and NO tongue of judgement shall prevail.
  • Women whose heritage is RIGHTEOUSNESS and who will be VINDICATED by God Himself.

We are going to see these women step into a physical restoration of positions of leadership and authority as they walk side by side, shoulder to shoulder, with men of the same heart and spirit to advance the Kingdom of God.

Sally Goodwin

Game-Changing Season

Let me preface this blog post by saying that I don’t particularly follow sport, especially football, but this is the word God has given me and He impressed it upon my spirit that I needed to release it today.

Some of you may know that Liverpool won the Premier League championship on 25 June 2020 after a 30 year drought. On the 25th of June God dropped the words “game-changing” into my spirit – now, at the time, He was referencing something personal that I will share at a later stage but I have been reflecting on those words since then and, this morning, He said to me:- “This is a game-changing season!” and, when I researched game-changing seasons, I came upon Liverpool’s win and, what they considered were eight game-changing moments that led to their win. I heard the Lord say that He had eight game-changing keys for this game-changing season and I have noted them down exactly the way He told me to.

We need to remember that we are called to be game-changers, more now than ever before! We are called to shift atmospheres, move mountains and disciple nations –all game-changing stuff. Here are the eight game-changing keys God gave me to enable us all to walk in a “game-changer” anointing.

1. The enemy ALWAYS overplays his hand – let us never forget that! Each new trial you face, each new disaster you hear about, each time he tries to shake you and those around you, he is trying to draw you away from God but, instead, those very trials, those very disasters and those very shakings should push you nearer and nearer to the only One Who is unshakeable and can turn everything around in a single moment. Hide under the shadow of those Almighty wings, lay your head on Abba Father’s chest and know that your season of restoration, recompense and restitution is only one of His heartbeats away. (Psalm 91:1: When you sit enthroned under the shadow of Shaddai, you are hidden in the strength of God Most High. TPT)

2. STAND FIRM! When you have done everything you know to do, when you have been obedient in every way possible, when all you can do is stand – stand firm! Stand on His promises, stand on His love, stand on His grace and know that He will NEVER leave you or forsake you. (Ephesians 6:13: Therefore, put on the complete armour of God, so that you will be able to (successfully) resist and stand your ground in the evil day (of danger), and having done everything (that the crisis demands), to stand firm (in your place, fully prepared, immovable, victorious). AMP)

3. Know that you are ESSENTIAL to the end-time plan of God. No matter who you are, no matter what you do, no matter how insignificant you might feel, YOU are a significant and essential part of God’s end-time plan. Do not compare your gift or calling to others, do not think that nothing you do can ever change anything – the next reformation will be led by the nameless and the faceless, the men and women of significance, who have lived their lives in true surrender. (Galatians 2:20: I have been crucified with Christ (that is, in Him I have shared His crucifixion), it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body I live by faith (by adhering to, relying on, and completely trusting) in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself up for me. AMP)

4. There is no such thing as wasted time – God is the Redeemer of all things and that includes TIME. He is busy redeeming time lost, opportunities lost – whether by choice or by circumstance, it doesn’t matter to Him, Your lost time WILL be redeemed! (Psalm 90:4: For a thousand years in Your sight are like yesterday when it is past, or as a watch in the night. AMP)

5. Clean hands and a pure heart are vitally important in this game-changing season. Ask God to search your heart and root out anything that will prevent you from moving forward in this season – any bitterness, offence, contention, self-promotion, superstition, lack of faith, corruption, backsliding – allow Him to shine the light of His truth in all the dark corners and let Him cleanse you with His abundant love and grace. (Psalm 24:3-4: Who, then, ascends into the presence of the Lord? And who has the privilege of entering into God’s Holy Place? Those who are clean – whose work and ways are pure, whose hearts are true and sealed by truth, those who never deceive, whose words are sure. TPT)

6. Assert your AUTHORITY as a believer! Remember we have ALL authority and the enemy has NONE. Take authority over the situations and circumstances where the enemy is trying to convince you that he holds all the cards – that is a lie from the pit of hell – take back your authority. (Luke 10:19: Now you understand that I have imparted to you all my authority to trample over his kingdom. You will trample upon every demon before you and overcome every power Satan possesses. Absolutely nothing will be able to harm you as you walk in this authority. TPT)

7. CELEBRATE every victory, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant! Every victory is from the Lord and, as we celebrate and give thanks, we enter His gates and walk into even more victory. (Psalm 100:4: You can pass through His open gates with the password of praise. Come right into His presence with thanksgiving. Come bring your thank offering to Him and affectionately bless His beautiful name! TPT)

8. FIGHT BACK! Have gritty faith! Don’t take the enemy’s attempts to steal, kill and destroy lying down! Stand up, put on your armour, pick up your sword and follow the Lord of Hosts Who has already won the battle for you! (Ephesians 6:17: And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God. AMP)

I love numbers and God often uses numbers to draw my attention so, when I realised that my own personal testimony occurred on the 25th of June after a 30 month battle, I knew I needed to research the prophetic significance of the numbers 25 and 30.

The number 30 signifies the right time or moment to reign or minister. David’s reign began at 30 years of age, as did Jesus’ ministry. It can demonstrate that your character has been fashioned to the point where you are ready to take up your calling. It is the number for the Hebrew word “kee” which means burning, flaming or on fire. Sounds game-changing to me!

The number 25 symbolises being brought to account by the grace of God, expectant of grace and mercy – definitely game-changing!

So let us step into this GAME-CHANGING SEASON and be true GAME-CHANGERS

for Jesus!!!


These blogs on the Hebrew alphabet are to be read in conjunction with the bite-sized teachings available via video on this website.

The first letter of the Hebrew alphabet is the letter Aleph.

The ancient Hebrew pictograph for aleph is an ox head. This was believed to represent power, authority, strength and a leader.

The classical or modern Hebrew letter consists of two yods plus a diagonal vav.

Phonetically speaking, the letter aleph actually has no sound of its own but usually has a vowel sound associated with it. Aleph can sound like an “a” or an “el” in the English language, in other words both Elohim and Adonai begin with aleph in Hebrew.

Numerically, aleph is associated with the number 1. One represents unity and beginning. In addition, the parts of the letter (yod + yod +vav) equal 26 which is the same number as in the Sacred Name, Yahweh, thus linking aleph to Father God directly.

The way aleph is written in Hebrew now is seen to represent the upper realm of heaven plus the lower realm of earth, connected by the humility of a body, which points to Jesus.

This is emphasised in Revelation 22:13 where Jesus says “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last (the Before all and the End of all).” In Hebrew He actually said that He is the “Aleph and the Tav”. The letter tav, which we will get to, is the shape of a Cross!

Aleph also represents the three in one as there are three parts to aleph but aleph is one. Plus, if you add up aleph, lamed and pey (the actual spelling of aleph) you get to 111!

The Hebrew letter aleph led to the Greek letter alpha which led to our English letter “a”.

It all started, at the beginning, with aleph.


These blogs on the Hebrew alphabet are to be read in conjunction with the bite-sized teachings available via video on this website.

The second letter of the Hebrew alphabet is the letter bet or vet.

The ancient Hebrew pictograph for bet or vet is an open tent door. This was believed to represent a house, dwelling, household, family, shelter, temple or palace.

The classical or modern Hebrew letter consists of three vavs. If the letter has a dot in the middle then it is a bet (b) and without the dot it is a vet (v). Below, on the left, is an example of manual print and, on the right, an example of book print.

Phonetically speaking, the letter bet sounds like a b for boy.

Numerically, bet is associated with the number 2. Two represents agreement and, in addition three vav’s add up to 18 which is the number of life.

Bet is the very first letter used in the Torah. Genesis is called Bereshit in Hebrew and that is also the first word in the Torah as Bereshit means “in the beginning”.

The Bible continues with “in the beginning God created”. Now the Hebrew word for create is “bara” and the Aramaic word for son is “bar” therefore, if you divide the word up, you have “bar a” or “bar aleph”. In the video on aleph we learned that aleph represents the Father so “bar a” could be interpreted as “the Son of the Father”. Thus we can also look at those first words in the Bible as reading “in the beginning was the Son of Aleph” which then makes sense of John 1:1 which says “in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God”.


These blogs on the Hebrew alphabet are to be read in conjunction with the bite-sized teachings available via video on this website.

The third letter of the Hebrew alphabet is the letter gimmel.

The ancient Hebrew pictograph for gimmel is a camel. This was believed to represent being lifted up.

It is possible that the word gimmel came from gamal which is where we get our English word for camel from.

The classical or modern Hebrew letter consists of a vav and a yod and looks a bit like a man walking. As the Hebrew alphabet is read from right to left, gimmel looks as though it is walking towards the letter following it, which is dalet. You will have more understanding of the reason for that once you have listened to the teaching on dalet or read the blog post. Below, on the left, is an example of manual print and, on the right, an example of book print.

Phonetically speaking, gimmel is pronounced “g” as in “girl”. It became gamma in Greek and both our letters “c” and “g” are said to stem from gimmel.

Numerically, gimmel is associated with the number 3.which represents the Trinity and vav plus yod add up to 16 which means to be in perfect unity, which describes the Trinity perfectly.

Gimmel is associated with the Holy Spirit and we therefore have a beautiful story within the first three letters of the Hebrew alphabet where Aleph represents Father God and Bet represents the Son and Gimmel is seen to be the Holy Spirit proceeding forth from the Father and the Son.


These blogs on the Hebrew alphabet are to be read in conjunction with the bite-sized teachings available via video on this website.

The fourth letter of the Hebrew alphabet is dalet.

The ancient Hebrew pictograph for dalet is a hanging tent door and is believed to represent a door.

The classical or modern Hebrew letter consists of two lines and a corner point or overhang which is believed to symbolise a needy person bent over with their ear listening out for the approaching gimmel (Holy Spirit) coming to assist them. Below, on the left, is the manual print and, on the right, the book print.

Phonetically speaking, dalet is pronounced “d” as in door and it became the Greek letter delta and then our “d”.

Numerically, dalet is associated with the number 4. Four speaks of completeness and open doors.

Jesus was from the tribe of Judah and the Hebrew name for Judah contains every letter of the Sacred Name except for dalet which is said to suggest that the door to the Lord would come via Judah – and it did indeed.

Also, the Hebrew word for religion is dot (or dat) which means the door of the cross is you spell it out using ancient pictographs.

Thus the Father (aleph) sent His Son (bet) by means of the Holy Spirit (gimmel) to appeal to the poor and needy (dalet) to receive Him.