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Psalm 68:11


Activate-Her was birthed out of a divine call to raise up an army of women, that would take their rightful place in preparing the Bride to ultimately meet her beautiful Bridegroom. This calling has led us to create a platform where women can be activated, inspired, encouraged, and supported.

With a burning desire to see women of all ages, colours, and walks of life stepping into the fullness of their destinies within the Body of Christ, our team is committed to empowering female pioneers from every generation to rise up and embrace their God-given identities, giftings, and callings.


It’s Time Women of Significance

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Egeirõ Prophetic School

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We are passionate about raising an army of women to step into the fullness of their identity in God. Therefore, we have created resources to help them move in their destiny and impact nations for Jesus.

Founding member Sally Goodwin, along with her directors Siphokazi Khumalo and Julie Stephens are focussed on giving their all to Active-Her. 

Sally Goodwin


Sally is a South African born lover of Jesus, a prophet, teacher and now also an author. She is a wife to one amazing man and a mother to three gorgeous men. She began Arise with Sally
Goodwin and has now founded Activate-Her, both of which focus on guiding women of all ages and ethnicities and from all walks of life to step into their God-ordained destinies within the Body of Christ.

Siphokazi Khumalo


Siphokazi is a wife and a mother of two girls.
Siphokazi is passionate about: seeing people’s lives transformed, people walking in freedom, and fully in who God calls them to. She varies from women and children’s ministry, to equipping church leaders. She walks in the office of a prophet and is also a teacher who is currently a Dean of a Bible School, and a Theology student.

Julie Stephens


Julie carries a passion to inspire others to become all God’s created them to be through authentic encounters with His transformative love. She’s the founder of PRISM Collective, a U.S. based organisation that exists to empower women, from all walks of life.

A seasoned leader in the local church and a co-owner of a small business alongside her husband, Julie is also dedicated to equipping men and women in the marketplace.

Psalm 68:11

“Adonai gives the command; the women with the good news are a mighty army.”


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For years I have been prophesying, calling for and actively encouraging the “arising” and raising up of a spiritual army of women around the globe based on Psalm 68:11. Over the last month God has been speaking to me of this season of transition from arising to activation. He has spoken of a new era and stepping into an Isaiah 54 season.

This week I heard the Spirit of the Lord say that there will be a Rise of Isaiah 54 Women at this time. This company of Isaiah 54 women will carry the following twelve characteristics:-

  • Women who will SING, SHOUT AND ROAR over their situations and circumstances; their families. communities, regions and nations, bringing REVIVAL, REFORMATION and TRANSFORMATION.
  • Women who are stepping into places of ENLARGEMENT and EXPANSION; ELEVATION and ACCELERATION.
  • Women who will OCCUPY without fear and who EMPOWER, ENCOURAGE, INSPIRE and ACTIVATE others to occupy without fear.
  • Women who will not be stepped on, pushed down or kept quiet. Who are not ashamed of their past, or who they used to be, but have left the old behind and STEPPED willingly into the NEW.
  • Women who are SURRENDERED, laid down lovers of Jesus. Who have counted the cost and know that there is nothing, absolutely nothing, more important than their God.
  • Women who have walked a road of HEALING and RESTORATION and are EMPATHETIC and COMPASSIONATE with those still on that road.
  • Women who stand STEADFAST, firm and sure-footed in the love and kindness of their God and are wholly and completely COVENANTED to Him.
  • Women who God will position, like jewels, in places and spaces of INFLUENCE and AFFLUENCE for HIS glory.
  • Women who are end-time messengers and disciplers of NATIONS.
  • WARRIOR WOMEN who do not fear and receive strategies and blueprints straight from the Throne Room of Heaven.
  • Women against whom NO weapon formed shall prosper and NO tongue of judgement shall prevail.
  • Women whose heritage is RIGHTEOUSNESS and who will be VINDICATED by God Himself.

We are going to see these women step into a physical restoration of positions of leadership and authority as they walk side by side, shoulder to shoulder, with men of the same heart and spirit to advance the Kingdom of God.


Sally Goodwin

Women Rising!

I am a woman. I am angry. I am sad. I am hurting. I am despondent.

The recent sexual and spiritual abuse scandals that have rocked the church have shaken me to the core. Bill Hybels, Carl Lentz, Ravi Zacharias, to name a few, these stories have affected me way more deeply than I thought they should have. After all, this type of abuse is nothing new, it is centuries old, both inside and outside the church. But I have found an anger rising up inside of me, may I suggest it is a righteous anger, a righteous anger that wants to scream “enough is enough –where does this end!”


Game-Changing Season

Let me preface this blog post by saying that I don’t particularly follow sport, especially football, but this is the word God has given me and He impressed it upon my spirit that I needed to release it today.

We need to remember that we are called to be game-changers, more now than ever before! We are called to shift atmospheres, move mountains and disciple nations –all game-changing stuff. Here are the eight game-changing keys God gave me to enable us all to walk in a “game-changer” anointing.




These blogs on the Hebrew alphabet are to be read in conjunction with the bite-sized teachings available via video on this website.

The sixth letter of the Hebrew alphabet is the letter vav.

The ancient Hebrew pictograph for vav is a tent peg or nail. This was believed to represent connection or a connecting force.



These blogs on the Hebrew alphabet are to be read in conjunction with the bite-sized teachings available via video on this website.

The fourth letter of the Hebrew alphabet is dalet.

The classical or modern Hebrew letter consists of two lines and a corner point or overhang which is believed to symbolise a needy person bent over with their ear listening out for the approaching gimmel (Holy Spirit) coming to assist them. Below, on the left, is the manual print and, on the right, the book print.


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